Currently there is no pop over information when hovering over tags in the jobs section.

Sometimes there are interesting technologies that I haven't heard about and some kind of description could be interesting.

Like for example

enter image description here

There is no popover information and when clicking on the tag, I get redirected to the jobs page with a search for jobs using .

enter image description here


Couldn't we have something similar like on the main site?

enter image description here

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    I like this a lot - although I wouldn't go quite as far as saying "this is trivial". :-) – Max Mar 5 at 14:54
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    Nah, you're right, it shouldn't be super hard to build. I'll ping our PMs and see what they think. – Max Mar 5 at 14:56
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    True. All good! – Max Mar 5 at 15:43
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    It's on our radar. Not exactly as easy as I thought because the set of tags on Jobs isn't exactly the same as on SO, although there's a lot of overlap. Should have an update in the near future. – Max Mar 21 at 13:57

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