I propose renaming the tag to 'marklogic-corb'. The current definition of the tag relates to a MarkLogic-specific tool for processing content, but it also stands for Cross-Origin Read Blocking. I've seen several questions using this tag intending the latter sense of the word (I've removed the tag). Changing the name to will

  1. Make the intent of this tag clear
  2. Follow the pattern of other MarkLogic-related tags
  3. Follow the precedent of other tags related to specific databases
  4. Allow someone else to create a new tag for the web-related use.

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I agree that acronyms are inherently confusing, and that this does deserve a tag rename. As for point 4, the tag already exists, and should have been used for the CORB related questions, instead of the which was for the CoRB related questions.

I went through all the 23 questions tagged and checked if they were related to the MarkLogic CoRB, or not. I retagged/closed the ones that were not.

The tag is now renamed. In order to prevent the recreation of , I synonymized it with .

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