It sounds like and are the same thing.

Can we merge the tags and ?


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This does seem like a good idea, in fact 1.5k/1.8k questions in already has the tag. However, given that DocuSign is a product, we probably need to clean up the tag before merging.

There are 298 questions in that don't have tag. We don't need to go through all of these. We can just check the ones which probably are just about the using the product as such, which would be off topic.

There are exactly 100 questions in the [docusign] tag that are not positively scored, don't have any code bits in them, or any API related characteristics. We need to just skim through these 2 pages of question excerpts, to make sure that they aren't off-topic.

Once that is done, we can merge and synonymize the and the tags.

Update: I went thorugh those 100 questions. Seems like most was related to the API. There were 8 of them that were clearly about the webapp usage, which I closed as General Computing and deleted. I have now merged and syn'd the tags.

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