Neither nor attracts many questions and the use of the earlier versions of Vapor is falling away.

Questions are being tagged as when they are, in fact, using Vapor version 3, so there is some accidental misuse and I have re-tagged a couple of questions. Although there are significant differences between Vapor 2 and Vapor 3, there were similar changes between Vapor 1 and Vapor 2 that did not warrant version-specific tags.

Would it be better to merge the two into just the original tag?


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There were just 5 questions in the tag which did not have the tag (including deleted questions), and it was clearly being used interchangeably as mentioned in the original post. I merged the tags and also I have created a synonym in this direction:

× 412 <- × 88

I added another tag as a synonym to , just in case someone creates a new tag for Vapor 2 (though, as the original post mentions, the usage is fading, and no one might create a tag)

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