While posting a question on Azure Cosmos DB's Gremlin API, I created the tag (to complement the existing , , and tags)

At the time, I thought Azure Cosmos DB called its Gremlin API the "Graph API"--hence the name . Shortly after clicking the "create tag button", I decided to double check and found that the proper name is the Azure Cosmos DB Gremlin API (I should have double checked before creating the tag).

So I updated my question with a new tag and removed the tag, but the old, tag still seems to exist without any questions (i.e. someone else can now create a question using it).

Am I correct in thinking that the old tag is something a moderator will want to destroy (given that someone might mistakenly use it instead of the correct tag?)

Thanks! (and sorry!)


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Don't be too worried about it! It will get deleted automatically when the process runs this evening if it's not applied to any questions.

No action needed on anyone's part if it's not in use, which it isn't.

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