A few months ago, I received the bronze tag badge. And I was the 5th person being awarded this badge. A few days ago, after the tag was approved as a synonym of the tag . After that I received a notification that I received the bronze tag badge since it became the main tag and is considered as synonym.

But when you visit the bronze badge holder page, all tag holders are considered awarded this badge at the same time. And all tag awarded times are reset to the tag synonym approval. And now I become the third person in the list.

Is this a bug? It seems as the new tag is considered as separated from the old one.

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    Technically you aren't the third, but the first. You just happen to share that first place with 4 others.
    – Luuklag
    Commented Feb 15, 2019 at 14:01

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This is again by design. When synonymized, the new tag name is taken into consideration. If you had a tag badge already, then you would not have been assigned a new tag badge. However since, was synonymized to the other one, and you had the [ssdt] badge, you received a new shiny one at the same time as others.

The tag syncing process runs at around 4:00 UTC every day, which is why you have received the badge at 4:05.


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