Some background details

Power BI is a self-service analytics tool.

Stack Overflow already has several Power BI related tags (8 in total). Aside from the main tag, there are tags for specific platforms e.g. and and tags for specific aspects of Power BI such as and . Custom visuals fit the latter category.

Custom visuals are visualization plugins for Power BI - mostly written by the community and typically open-source. Compared to general Power BI questions, questions related to custom visuals are relevant to a different audience (developers, rather than typical Power BI users), they tend to focus on different topics, and typically require different knowledge and skill-set to answer.

At the time of writing this, there are 119 questions about Power BI custom visual development, their capabilities, API and usage.

These two reasons justify adding a separate tag for custom visuals.

Tag suggestion

Suggesting to add a powerbi-custom-visuals tag, with the following description:

Questions about Power BI custom visuals: their development, capabilities and usage. Power BI is a self-service analytics tool. Custom visuals are visualization plugins for Power BI, written in TypeScript or JavaScript using the Custom Visuals SDK.

I don't have a high enough reputation to add the tag myself.

Power BI in general, and custom visuals in particular already have official documentation and a developer forum. So this is in line with Stack Overflow's product-support policy ("Stack Overflow can help support your product but it can't be the only support.").

Fair disclosure: I'm a Microsoft employee, working in Power BI extensions development team. This is my personal SE account, and I occasionally contribute to SE sites on my personal time and in an unofficial manner.


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I've created the tag for you:



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