For a change (no bug report here) I wanted to personally thank all the folks involved with SO Teams. I used SO teams for a prior company I was at and liked it but we did not use it as much as I would have liked (some of the hard headed engineers just liked to keep their knowledge in their brains).

A few months ago I made a career change and one of the first things I wanted to implement was SO for Teams. I was excited because at the same time there were some much needed improvements including the design side to distinguish whether you were posting to a team vs stackoverflow.

My new team was pretty open to using it and once I rolled it out I began to use it. After several q and a's written by myself I noticed the views start to kick in and then saw a trend of more people starting to use it. We have been using it to not only deal with code / projects but for our vocabulary in the company that I am at. We deal with a lot of acronyms and processes and I figured where better to keep these then SO for Teams.

It has worked out pretty well for us that our analysts began reading and writing on it (I only added one analyst to this team but its enough to show interest). I usually create custom tags where needed and if the answer is very long we end up shortening it and finishing it with a link to a long drawn out confluence page. It actually looks and works very well. You end up with the basic info and if you want additional details we store a reference in confluence where we may have a few pages (or a novel) of information.

The price was well worth it for a small team <= 10 people. So I wanted to reach out to the team and say thanks...thanks for all the people involved in making it happen. Thanks for the designers for making most of the recent changes. To the network guys that keep the site running and the programmers who created a tool that is fast, flows, and helps a small yet growing company.


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    Thanks for the nice note and glad to hear your team likes it! – Alex Miller Feb 13 at 18:33

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