I just noticed the tag wiki for the tag starts with the sentence "Do not use this tag". It does not, like other tags, mention a reason (do not use this tag for ...). The tag wiki reads:

Do not use this tag. For questions related to an aspect of the world wide web, use a more specific tag for it, such as [uri], [html], [http] or [w3c].

So I am wondering, if I should not use this tag at all, why is it even there?

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    Because people keep using it. A tag won't get removed until it is not on any questions. Commented Feb 11, 2019 at 14:48

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The tag is there because it hasn't been burninated yet. You should not use it.

If you look at the timeline of the Tag Wiki Excerpt, you'll find the where the "do not use" was added. It has this Edit Summary:

This tag isn't specific enough: When should a question be tagged with [web]?

So, ask your question with more specific tags.

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