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I saw this question yesterday and wanted the OP to put some more information to his question as his question appears to be not a good question.

Comment history under the question


Welcome to Stack Overflow! Please be a bit more specific when asking a question: What worked fine bevor the error? / What have you done before the error? and please do not use images for showing code or errors! For Help take a look at "How to ask"


Well this is photo uploaded. This is no code issue. Its a "netbeans" issue while launching it.


Then tell us if there was a update or anything else. Otherwise this will be a quiz show... and this question is deleted. Please put more effort in a question if you want a serious answer.


Now that the image is rendered in the post, u can help me


Please use translate.google.com or anything similar if you can not understand someone correctly or you are not sure while writing...


do u want me to translate above Warning instead of searching in google.com?

I don't think the OP is understanding anything of what I have written and if I'm writing more comments trying to explain my intentions then there would be a huge amount of unnecessary (and unrelated) comments.

How should I handle such a case as the question doesn't seem to be deleted or made on hold?

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    If the question is not clear enough, flag to close as unclear. Maybe downvote. Move on. – yivi Feb 7 at 7:03
  • @yivi I did both of it already, but I would like to help. (Which seems to be useless) – Hille Feb 7 at 7:05
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    There are limits to the help we can give. If there is serious understanding problem, there is only so much one can do. You tried, it didn't work. My advise: move on to greener pastures. SO is not meant to be a personal help desk. – yivi Feb 7 at 7:08
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    @Hille "but I would like to help" - of course you do, but you can't teach a person English; a hard prerequisite if you want to use the English Stack Overflow site. This person needs to help themselves before you can help them. – Gimby Feb 7 at 9:49

I would day, down-vote and move on,

If you have enough reputation, also close.

You don't need to keep dragging on to the question, move on instead.

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