I'm able to see voting buttons but unable to upvote/ downvote the questions while reviewing them in a Triage queue only. Using Google Chrome v71.0.3578.98

enter image description here

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  • You'll have to provide additional details. Can you provide screenshots? What happens exactly when you click on those buttons? – E_net4 Feb 5 at 11:37
  • Unfortunately, my triage queue is been over for today. But to simply elaborate, no action happens when we click on upvote/ downvote buttons. – Tushar Walzade Feb 5 at 11:39
  • 1
    I'm experiencing the same thing in Firefox. Voting in other queues works fine. Hope you don't mind that I edited in a screenshot, but it demonstrates what's happening... the screen even tells you, "Please remember to upvote clear, useful, well-researched questions to encourage their authors and help answerers identify them!" :p stackoverflow.com/review/triage/22121814 i.stack.imgur.com/7vmxC.gif – Grant Feb 5 at 11:56

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