I recently suggested an edit to a question with a tag that I thought would be good for the question, this morning when I check to see if my edit got accepted I see that the tag is there but the question has been edited by another member that can edit without being verified, why didn't he accept my edit? Seems to me like he just stole my edit.

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    Besides it's not steal but another revision, if your edit is mostly okay, it's likely to keep and count. If it's wrong, then it's a reject. – Tiw Feb 5 at 8:07

You were adding the wrong tags to that question.

The other user corrected your edit and added the appropriate tags.

The question was not about Amazon Web Services, but about Azure.

  • Oh now i see, I was adding aws tags instead of azure – Radu Feb 5 at 7:56
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    Try to be more careful, both in your edits and your accusations. – yivi Feb 5 at 7:58
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    @Cody, don't do that. I was trying to have a nice cup of tea. And nice to have you back on meta. Hadn't seen you in quite a while. – yivi Feb 5 at 8:10
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    Sorry about your tea. Hope I didn't ruin your keyboard. But I'm afraid I can't stop. Also, very nice to be back. Cheers! – Cody Gray Feb 5 at 20:09

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