There should a be a process or mechanism by which users of a tag can set or at least propose (maybe need approval from gold-medal holders for the tag?) syntax highlighting settings for that tag. Either that or a solid process by which people can get these settings changed via meta channels.

I have been trying to get the default syntax highlighting set for the , , and tags for months. See here and here. My questions have evolved a bit as I've gained a better understanding of how this mechanic works on SO.

For the cases mentioned here, the lang-default highlighting seems to do a good job with every question I have come across, and should be set as the default language for each. Tensorflow and Keras have APIs for many languages, so a specific-language setting may not be appropriate, but a default setting I believe is. I do not think there is a valid Julia highlighter available on the site yet, so the default seems like a good option.

In general, allowing the community to propose/approve these changes would help syntax highlighting on SO keep up with an ever-changing environment with new languages and language-agnostic packages showing up all the time.

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    It requires a Meta discussion because default highlighters can be as equally dangerous as helpful. Setting them incorrectly can cause highlighters for other relevant tags to revert to default "guess" state when it encounters conflicting tags, among other oddities. We wouldn't ever let users just choose whatever language for any tag - that situation could spiral out of control very quickly. – animuson Feb 4 at 23:05
  • @animuson in that case there needs to be some concerted effort to actually address these questions. Thus far I haven't seen any progress on some tags that should be no-brainers. I got my editing badge on SO by adding the same syntax highlighting comment to hundreds of posts with tensorflow or keras tags. Keeping up with this feature doesn't feel like any kind of priority, which is frustrating for those of us who use these tags regularly. – Engineero Feb 5 at 14:52
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    Moderators can do this. The issue is, we're not experts in all technologies, so we need input from the community. You are following the right process in posting a Meta discussion question. Unfortunately, no discussion happened. Those questions didn't get any answers by experts. So us moderators don't know what action to take, and we play it safe by taking no action. Better to have sub-optimal syntax highlighting than complete brokenness. I don't know what kind of process would fix this. It's not a matter of it not being our priority. It's a matter of not enough community involvement. – Cody Gray Feb 5 at 20:12

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