I spotted strange behavior when reading questions in Teams. During the first time I entered Teams page, it showed correct Teams reputation (currently in 1 rep because I was just get started):

Original rep

When someone upvoted one of my existing post in the public/main SO site (approx. 3 minutes after entering Teams for first time), it suddenly displayed public site reputation instead (at this time it is around 15K rep):

enter image description here

However, after I navigated to another Teams question, the reputation count correctly displayed 1 rep again. Other aspects of Teams seem did not affected.

What kind of problem occurred so that the reputation of Teams overlapped with reputation from main SO site for a while until redirected to another page? Is this a bug or just by design?

Note: This question and this question does not apply because this behavior only exists in Teams. Also this behavior is surprising me because reputation in Teams should be separated from the public/main SO site.

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We don't actually broadcast rep updates on channels, because of environment isolation etc (web-socket broadcasts only currently participate on the public Q+A). What is actually happening is that our header code, when on a channel, is still subscribing to the outer site's rep updates; you got a rep update on Stack Overflow, and your header bar (wrongly) updated itself with that.

I'll see if we can stop it from doing that!

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