Today I enabled left navigation bar to solve "newest" question problem with other Stack Exchange sites.

And upon visiting Stack Overflow I was blinded (ok, it's just an impression) by a way too prominent "Teams" ad on it:

It's good what it's not blinking with red. It's good what it's not a flash or video. I am happy what it's not a popup in the middle... but still.

Can I get rid of it?

An alternative solution would be to disable left navigation bar only for Stack Overflow.

P.S.: I don't have interest in Teams and will never use it.

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    You could just hide it on the page with a TamperMonkey (or similar) script if it really bothers you that much. – James Whiteley Feb 4 at 12:36
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  • @HereticMonkey, it was disabled until today. But I want that panel on other meta-sites. – Sinatr Feb 4 at 14:56
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    @JamesWhiteley, not everybody here is a developer capable to write web scripts. I am using TamperMonkey, script for SO is an option. What is next? – Sinatr Feb 4 at 14:57
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    "it really bothers you that much" - it does, before there was empty space, now - very very colored thing strongly distracting me from more useful information. I wouldn't bother to write on meta if it wouldn't bother me, but if it doesn't bother anybody else - it's my problem, I understand. – Sinatr Feb 4 at 14:59
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    I don't actually understand why should I see it. I am registered user, I want to opt out of this feature (no plans to use it anyway), pretty valid question from my side worth an answer for anybody else with similar problem. – Sinatr Feb 4 at 15:02

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