Just now, when I went to delete one of my comments, I noticed the normal "X" to delete it was replaced by the actual word "delete":

enter image description here

Is this a bug? If not, why was it changed?


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There were two scenarios where the action was already marked with text instead of that little icon:

  1. If you had the mobile theme active (also, both delete and edit would always be visible)
  2. There was a separate, empty link with the title "delete this comment" that would never be hidden and thus would be accessible to screen reading software.

Both were a bit awkward though; #1 didn't help if you weren't using the mobile theme (say, because you prefer the new responsive theme for your mobile device). #2 was a straight-up hack that left a big gap in accessibility.

Also, apparently Mobile Safari hated everything about this, while other mobile browsers blithely let you tap and trigger edits or deletion via links you couldn't even see; definitely not ideal for those of us with clumsy fingers!

The new design goes beyond just making the image into a text link; it allows keyboard navigation, better accessibility, and a reasonable mobile experience without having to switch themes. For more details, see Brian's answer to: Can't edit a comment without the mouse

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