Currently these three tags are used for Android LiveData

  1. Use this tag for questions related to the LiveData Architecture Component API

  2. Android LiveData holds the value and allow it to observe changes and also respects lifecycle of the app components.

  3. While the tag has no usage guidance

As per my opinion we need to merge these three tags, because these all tags are used for questions related to Android architecture livedata.

Questions tagged 134 questions

Questions tagged 621 questions

Questions tagged 36 questions

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There were 5 questions in which did not have the tag. Went through all of them to make sure that they are related to Android Livedata, which they were.

I added and as synonyms of , as that tag had almost 4 times the number of questions of the other two tags combined. The situation now is:

× 688 <- × 49
× 688 <- × 146

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