I have searched the forums and have not found a specific answer for this question. I recently posted my first answer on here and included a code snippet. It was a single line so the formatting of the content was not that important.

I do see several responses and even questions where the code snippets reflect the "style" formatting of the application. I used the brackets and saw this: ,CAST (Table1.DateTime1-Table2.Time_Enroute as time) as [Response Travel Time]

I used the "<>" icon and tried all of the options and settled on the HTML option. This resulted in:

,CAST (Table1.DateTime1-Table2.Time_Enroute as time) as [Response Travel Time]

So the question is, how do I post a snippet formatted like I've seen in some posts where the code would be formatted like it is in the application?: Code Snippet from SSMS

| |

Use the code-sample option by either:

  • click the {} button in the toolbar;
  • select your code and press ctrl+K;
  • add 4 spaces in front of your line of code

This will be your result:

,CAST (Table1.DateTime1-Table2.Time_Enroute as time) as [Response Travel Time]

To have the proper prettifier add the best fitting syntax-highlighting hint by adding <!-- language: lang-default --> on a line by itself.

The total markup will look like this

<!-- language: lang-default -->

   ,CAST (Table1.DateTime1-Table2.Time_Enroute as time) as [Response Travel Time]
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    I don't think it can be emphasized enough: Do NOT use Stack Snippets (the <> button) for anything other than code that demonstrates something important about the HTML/CSS/JS question when the "Run code snippet" button is clicked. – Heretic Monkey Feb 11 '19 at 15:12

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