• The tag is for the Java HTTP REST client for Elasticsearch.
  • The tag is for a JavaScript unit testing framework created by Facebook.

There are, at the time of this post, 335 questions tagged with both and — which almost invariably means they are incorrectly tagged. There are also a number of questions with and other JavaScript-specific tags (e.g. or ) which are also incorrectly tagged. There are just under 1000 questions tagged ; on the first page of the 50 most recent questions tagged , more than half (28?) are related to JavaScript and not Java, one way or another. (There are no obvious mistakes that are tagged , but that should be tagged on the first page of the 50 most recent questions tagged .)

Does anyone want to take part in a retagging burndown?

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    I imagine that a moderator could handle this en masse. If it is the case that all questions tagged with jest and JavaScript are really about the JestJS library, and not some implementation of Jest with JavaScript, then sure. Now, the real onus would be to prove that all of those questions are mistagged... – Makoto Jan 28 at 23:26
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    It seems to me that in practically every case where there is a jest tag and a JavaScript tag (whether javascript or one of the derivatives such as node.js or reactjs or …), the tagging is indeed wrong and should be corrected to jestjs. I'm not clear why this suggestion is being downvoted so heavily; it seems to be a perfectly reasonable suggestion to fix the tags to match the primary language. Whether it should be done by moderators or the community is a separate issue, but the primary suggestion (retag from jest to jestjs for javascript questions) is right. – Jonathan Leffler Jan 29 at 7:32
  • People who mix Java with Javascript annoy me immeasurably – NickJ Jan 29 at 10:08
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    It seems that we would need to create a java-jest tag to make sure js questions doesn't mistake the tag. – Braiam Jan 29 at 10:48

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