In the Achievements dropdown in the top bar I see notifications when my reputation on an SO Team changes. This works just like for regular SE sites so far. But when I'm on stackexchange.com, and not a regular SE site, I don't see any notifications from my Team in the Achievements dropdown. Notifications about other sites are there, as usual, just the Team is missing.

The Achievements notifications are certainly not the most critical and important issue, but it is a bit weird that they're not visible on stackexchange.com. And while I didn't test this, I wonder if the same issue would also affect Inbox messages from inside a Team.

  • Not sure if it was an oversight or a concious decision, due to the added security, of not wanting to require maintenance of the feature in other code bases. It also doesn't show in the achievements on Area 51, another code base to worry about. – animuson Jan 26 at 22:29
  • @animuson My true solution to this would be to replace stackexchange.com with something better to follow multiple SE sites that isn't a severely outdated fork of the main codebase. But I suspect that happening is very unlikely. – Mad Scientist Jan 26 at 22:41
  • 1
    They also don't appear in the app, so if se.com pulls the events from the api, the way the app does, that would explain it. – Catija Jan 26 at 23:57

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