I keep getting downvotes on my answers and people leave no reasons. I'm thinking it's some malicious person continually doing so, what exactly is wrong with my answers? For instance this: How do I change this line of code from R to MATLAB?

User downvoted, no reason whatsoever.


First of all, the post to which you linked had exactly one downvote when you wrote this. One downvote could be based on just about anything; it's really hard to say. It's also not worth worrying about very much.

That said, I suspect you got a downvote because:

  • It's not really clear what your answer is. The core of the question was:

    what is the [1] doing and what is the 0 doing?

    But your answer doesn't mention the [1] at all and gives a somewhat ambiguous answer about the 0.

  • This language is confusing and seems to be irrelevant to the answer:

    Take this with a grain of salt. You can proceed with MATLAB conversion, MATLAB taught me pain.

  • It's not immediately clear what your code block at the end is intended to demonstrate.

I am not an R or Matlab expert, but, frankly, I found your answer hard to follow. The other (accepted) answer to the same question was clear enough that I understood it. That contrast could explain why your answer is not performing as well.

I hope this helps. Again, though, a single downvote could be based on almost anything. I would not lose sleep over it.

P.S. Users do not have to explain downvotes and usually will not do so. A comment asking for an explanation 20+ hours after you posted the answer is unlikely to result in much insight.

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    Thanks. The comment was placed almost after the downvote was placed. As for the confusing part, I had initially just placed a comment but decided to turn it into an answer. The pain part was intended to be humor(I realize I failed). I will try to make my answers more clear going forward. Thanks again! – NelsonGon Jan 21 '19 at 7:39

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