I noticed that on Stack Overflow, there are some very old suggested edits that took 3 reviews to approve/reject (example). However, all the more recent reviews I've seen only took 2 reviews to finalize. Apparently it used to take 3 reviews because there were enough users with 2k reputation to review them quickly.

When and why was it changed to require 2 reviews instead of 3?

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Due to the top bar redesign, the suggested edits queue was getting full because people were reviewing less. Here's what Shog said in an answer on May 13 2017 when he made the change:

[T]here's no particular need for the number of reviews per edit to remain at 3 on Stack Overflow; reducing this should immediately speed up the process of reviewing edits, and thus alleviate the problem at hand. So I've done that - effective immediately, suggested edits require only 2 reviews to complete on Stack Overflow, just as they do elsewhere on the network.

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