In Dave Fullerton's section change "the" to "them":

He's also tasked with helping the grow and evolve while keeping it rooted in our mission to serve all the world's developers. David joined Stack Overflow in 2010 as a Development Team Lead before assuming a leadership role in 2012 as Vice President of Engineering. David was promoted to President in 2018. Prior to joining Stack Overflow, David worked at Fog Creek Software, where he began his career as an intern and then as a developer on the FogBugz team. He has a BA in computer science from Dartmouth College, and holds strong opinions on working remotely, private offices, and engineering management in general

In Guy Zerega's section fix the following sentence:

He's owned his own companies and held various sales and leadership across a wide range of companies from bootstrap startup to well established corporate brands. Guy has a BA in journalism from NYU where he was an Academic All American on the Wrestling Team.

Found here: https://stackoverflow.com/company/management


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