Closing questions as duplicates is a great feature, however for some of the questions, I would prefer to vote to close instead of instantly closing it as a duplicate since I am having a gold badge in one of its tags. Sometimes we prefer to make sure that other eyes have looked at it and we all made sure that it is a duplicate.

Obviously, when choosing "close" -> "duplicate of", it would instantly close it. It is the same for choosing "flag" -> "a duplicate", it would also close it.

So, how can I vote to close the question (which would need more 4 votes to be closed) as a duplicate without actually closing it?


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A (rather stupid, I admit) workaround is to remove the tags you have a gold badge in, vote to close, then rollback.

Another option is to 'just' leave the standard comment ("Possible duplicate of"); maybe the OP or someone else is smart enough to vote to close as well? Of course, that counts as 0 votes instead of 1.

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    Don't use the edit workaround please, it just bumps the question needlessly. If it is a duplicate, then close it as such. If not, then don't.
    – Travis J
    Jan 15, 2019 at 19:35

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