On my page I get a total count of tags: 64, but I just asked 37 and answered 25. This is 62.

Screen shot showing pop up with detailed information

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You gave two community wiki answers on the same question as you can see from this search. As you can see from the yellow box in your question, it only lists non-wiki answers.

FYI, the question was not initially a wiki question, but you can see from the timeline that it was made a wiki question on Mar 16 '13 at 10:08. You posted your answers afterwards. But this doesn't matter, because if a question is made a community wiki, then all answers become wiki posts as well.


It is already mentioned that:

... 37 non-wiki questions ... 25 non-wiki answers ...

They say non-wiki, meaning it is not community wiki, so you had 2 community wiki posts that you posted, here is my link to your search:


You have two wiki posts.


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