In today's review I ran across two answers by the same user that I was unsure if it was appropriate to flag as spam. The answers seem to be useful to me. For me the two posts are edge cases. Would a flag be appropriate or would a comment have been enough?

Answer suggesting support channel

Answer to question about product terms


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The first one isn't an answer, it's just a pointer to another place where there might possibly be some information. Go ahead and flag that as "Not an answer".

The other one is an answer to a non-programming question, so the correct action there is to flag the question as off-topic. The answer will go along with it when the question is deleted.

Neither of these is really spam, because they're not unsolicited advertisement for a commercial product.


While it's not 100% clear that they are actual spam, it IS 100% clear that they should be removed in one way or another. The first is a clear NAA. The second is likely to also be NAA, but it could also be VLQ in combination with a question that's likely OT.

So neither of these should be here in any case.

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