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While reading the burnination request for I found myself on in the tag. The tag wiki says that the tag is:

To be used with RECT structure when using winapi

but every question on the first page seems to be using it to talk about "rectangles". It seems like after the burnination of (See here: Unify [triangle] [rectangle] [shape] [circle] and the like under [geometry]) people are just going to the closest remaining tag.

I have no connection to RECT, but if there is value to having a tag for the RECT structure in winapi think it would help reduce mistagged posts if the tag was renamed with something less generic sounding like .

Otherwise, I argue it should be burninated (along with ) or retagged to as suggested here: Unify [triangle] [rectangle] [shape] [circle] and the like under [geometry].

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    Good idea, then next year somebody else can propose we change it back. Keep everyone busy. – Josh Caswell Jan 14 at 19:01
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    @JoshCaswell why can't we have one tag for everything... #TAG #ALL #TEH #THINGS – Braiam Jan 14 at 21:12
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    The tag's clearly about rectangles. While it's kinda silly it's no pitfall and nobody's going to add this tag accidentally with a different meaning. I just can't care about this one. – Joshua Jan 15 at 3:25