As a motivated person working for a company that doesn't/won't use external talent services:

*SO jobs should allow individuals to self-post openings at their software companies. *

I can't offer more than a token payment, say $50, unless someone gets hired. If someone is hired, I will eventually get a referral bonus from my company. I can use that bonus to buy more job postings.

When companies such as mine are having a rough time filling postings, they offer incentives to their people to refer their friends. I’m sure the complete rationale varies, but it probably saves them money over a recruiting service. While a hard to fill position might net an individual contributor a small bonus, it nets %20-30 of starting salary for a recruiter. Huge savings, and everybody is happy. The return on the initial $50 investment is a great new engineer, a bonus for the referring engineer, and a net savings for the company over using a recruiter.

Stack specifically does not want to be a recruiter, but they do want to put the right jobs in front of their large user base. The user base itself has the broadest access to job availability, let them bring it to the platform.

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    Okay...why are you posting this on Meta then? I'm very confused unless you're looking to use Meta as a recruiting tool as opposed to Stack Overflow Jobs. – Makoto Jan 8 at 20:20
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    Looking at the tags, this is a feature request for Jobs, @Makoto – Stijn Jan 8 at 20:20
  • @Stijn: How on Earth does it read like that. – Makoto Jan 8 at 20:21
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    @Makoto We know it's a feature request because of the feature-request tag, and we know it's about jobs because of the jobs tag. What feature it's requesting for jobs could be stated more clearly, the statement that it's requesting jobs have a flat rate is clear, it is lacking in details, but feature requests for jobs are on topic here. – Servy Jan 8 at 20:22
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    I think you have me confused here @Servy. I can read the tags. I read the question. I saw a bulleted list of what the OP wanted, but I didn't see how the tags and the bulleted list even came close to relating with one another. If this is a feature request, the onus is on the OP to make it explicitly clear what feature they're looking for and why they believe Stack Overflow Jobs doesn't provide this today. – Makoto Jan 8 at 20:25
  • @Makoto They're asking for a change to the business model of Jobs to be a flat rate per position filled. I don't believe that's the current business model. – Servy Jan 8 at 20:26
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    @Servy: Strange; I think I'm being explicit with my concerns around this post, but I feel like I'm being talked past...Anyway, the big issue here is that it's unclear to me if any research has been done into whether or not Jobs actually provides these features or not. There's also maybe like four or five different suggestions here mixed in with obvious goals for using the product (e.g. "I want people to work at my company" vs "I do not want to pay if no one is hired from the post"). Maybe if the OP had been clearer about what their actually feature request was... – Makoto Jan 8 at 20:30
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    I've never seen a feature request here read so much like spam. – Paul Crovella Jan 8 at 20:59
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    Well, it is Meta, I can take it. But wow, @PaulCrovella – Dave Neeley Jan 8 at 21:00
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    @DaveNeeley That's really not an attack. Your question does read like recruiter spam, with bullet points, random links with huge numbers and whatnots. Honestly I have no idea what you are even asking... – Félix Gagnon-Grenier Jan 8 at 21:12
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    I know it's not spam, that's actually the most confusing part - I fully expected it to end with a coupon for a reduced-rate self-help motivational entrepreneurship refuse-to-lose seminar... and then it didn't. Maybe try dialing down the sales-pitchiness of the sales pitch a bit. – Paul Crovella Jan 8 at 21:17
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    If you don't pay if no one gets the post, and if you expect people to review your postings and help you improve them (all free of charge unless the position is filled)....how is Stack expected to monetize this? A lot of your requests here feel a bit entitled (the 'I want' bullet points don't help), it feels like you want Stack job to be a recruiting agency, when it's more of a 'message board' for job postings – Patrice Jan 8 at 22:24
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    and how is Stack Exchange going to know when the hire is successful? Rely on the poster's good faith? Contact the company directly to enquire about all recent hires? I don't see how this would work, convince me/us (meta). – Samuel Liew Jan 9 at 0:46
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    @DaveNeeley This sounds like you're looking for a way to make money off of referral bonuses by letting SO jobs do the actual referring for you. Surely you get why that idea isn't exactly popular here. – Magisch Jan 9 at 7:23
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    Your post is clear now, but I'd like to add the following: when a company offers referral bonuses to their employees for new hires, it's kind of expected that you personally know the potential hire and ideally you've met face-to-face. If they hire the person and this person ends up being a complete douchebag, it will make you look bad because you referred them to the company. – Stijn Jan 9 at 10:37

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