I'm an active user in the Angular scenario, and every day it happens that people put both and tag in their question.

To me it is really boring, and for now I just edit the question, removing the wrong tag.

I was wondering: is it possible to limit, in this case, the user to just be able to put either or as a tag?

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    Blocking shouldn't be done because there might be legitimate questions using both tags, but a warning message could prove useful. – Stijn Jan 7 at 13:32
  • Mine was just an idea. You are anyway right. Maybe prevent the user in this way isn't the best approch. – Jacopo Sciampi Jan 7 at 13:40
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    This has been discussed several times. My position has been to not distinguish between -js and non -js. – Braiam Jan 7 at 14:02
  • To me would make sense to distinguish between -js and non -js. – Jacopo Sciampi Jan 7 at 14:17
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    @Braiam they are totally different frameworks. Differentiation is a necessity. – David Walschots Jan 7 at 14:19
  • @DavidWalschots there has been many times where SO didn't follow the product naming schemes of companies if it didn't make sense. This is one of the cases where it doesn't make sense. – Braiam Jan 7 at 14:22
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    For real? I personally don't know anything about angularJS, so if your suggest get approved I have to manually check one-for-one question just to know if the user is asking something about -js or non -js? No-sense at all. – Jacopo Sciampi Jan 7 at 15:28
  • What is "the Angular scenario"? Can you elaborate? – Peter Mortensen Jan 8 at 1:55

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