Today I've met a question with tag.

I know wpf a bit, from what I see questions are about normal wpf control (there are many) Grid, so I was curious and found also and even . Those are seems again normal wpf controls, not library or anything.

I am a bit confused now, as to why there are such tags [wpf...] and if we need to do something about.

All questions about wpf should already have , so when I want to find question about some control I'd simply use that tag and then normal name of control, e.g. which exist in winforms, asp.net, whatever UI framework.

Do such new tags with prefixes a new thing? Are they really needed?

I can propose some really ugly tag for you to think: [c#-windows-wpf-listbox-listboxitem], it's really good to find exactly that thing, but ... is it really needed?

Forgot to mention what some of tags are valid, e.g seems to be really some library control, I am totally fine with such if it's so. The problem is that I didn't use any other library and I am sure what then some of questions are mistagged, so perhaps making a better tag [libraryname-control] would be much better idea.

There are 1000 questions with two tags ( + ) and just 30 with that prefixed-meta-tag (or how to call it) . And I am with that 1000 people.

Maybe my question is simply about that quote from Grid tag wiki:

This tag is ambiguous, please don't use it. ... For WPF-Grid control, use [wpfgrid]

But.. why? Since when?

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    Have you looked at the tag wiki for grid ? "This tag is ambiguous, please don't use it." – Paulie_D Jan 4 at 12:36
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    There are 1035 questions tagged [wpf][grid]. And 32 that have [wpf][wpfgrid]. Users just don't buy into such silly tautologies. It is not a problem, everybody still knows what the question is about. – Hans Passant Jan 4 at 12:59
  • @Paulie_D, nope I didn't. So wpfgrid is recommended approach, good. Are there meta posts about it? I want to understand why is it so, it just looks wrong to me. Btw, there are no wfplabel or winformslabel, so all this smells and as I said I noticed it only today, so it must be something new. To downvoters, sorry for not being aware of this change. – Sinatr Jan 4 at 14:19
  • @HansPassant, maybe it's not a problem now, but it will grow and may become one. I am not (yet?) interested in fixing anything yet, only to understand what is going on. To me wpfgrid looks bad, e.g. I may have a generic question about grid, without specific UI framework details, but with such tagging approach I have to go through wpfgrid, whatevergrid, whatever100500grid to search for all questions. With double tags wpf+grid everything is possible. – Sinatr Jan 4 at 14:29
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    I'd love to get grid burniated/blacklisted but it's just to pervasive at present...with 9k+ questions. Sometimes I feel I spend 50% of my "community moderation" time on retagging questions with "css-grid" instead of "grid" and thats just in my area of expertise – Paulie_D Jan 4 at 15:09
  • @Paulie_D, I am not web developer, but how css-grid is better than grid? I am assuming there is already css.. What's so bad about grid? Rather than hearing comment from you, is there something on meta to read about it? I feel rather confused now.. 9k+ questions are about various grid, but those are in your area of experise and I don't understand why you want to change css + grid to css + css-grid.. – Sinatr Jan 4 at 15:19
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    Because, grid in isolation is ambiguous as stated in the wiki. Do they mean CSS-Grid or Bootstrap's grid (or something else). If a tag has a "Do Not Use" note it should be blacklisted... that's the point....but it's a lot of work so there is little willingness to do so. – Paulie_D Jan 4 at 15:22
  • @Paulie_D, what is the different between css and bootstrap grid? I am not web developer. Is it often you have a question with css and that bootstrap grid, so that it's very important to distinguish? As I said, if I see question tagged as wpf, then grid normally means Grid control from wpf and not e.g asp-net control or some other thing with name "Grid". And even when it's that another thing, rare case, when e.g. "Grid" from google library for machine learning or something, then imho wpf + grid + thatotherthing would do perfectly for me. Or what is bad? – Sinatr Jan 4 at 15:58
  • CSS-Grid and Bootstrap's grid are completely different layout methods... hence grid is ambiguous – Paulie_D Jan 4 at 16:17

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