I proposed an edit to a post yesterday, https://stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/21835566, which conflicted with another user's edit. I read through it, and decided that I had been more thorough and would add the stuff he missed to the post. However, upon submitting the new edit, I get the error

It looks like your post is mostly code; please add some more details.

How come? It didn't warn me yesterday, and I didn't change the ratio between text and code.

Is there no quality control of conflicting edits? It seems that the algorithm registering the changes is quite advanced, and the editing guidelines clearly state that you should attempt to edit everything that you see wrong with the post, so I conclude that my edit ought to have been perceived as higher quality than the other edit?

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    One of the downsides of not having full editing privileges, when you hit 2k rep you'll be able to make changes like this without worry. Until then, you'll need to forget about it and continue making worthwhile edits, conflicting edits aren't all that common – Nick A Jan 4 at 9:30

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