... but only if you are a member of one or more Stack Overflow for Teams.

Visit this userprofile for example. It doesn't have an accountid (found based on this SEDE Query).

When you're in one (or more) Stack Overflow for Teams thingy's you'll get an Oops! Something bad happened

If you are not part of any SO for Teams you'll see the user profile

Confirmed by fieldtests in SOCVR and the Tavern

It could be that the accountid being null is the root cause of the problem and rectifying that solves the problem but in anyway I would prefer being served the same result on the public parts of the site whether I'm in a team or not.

Can this be looked at?

  • Interesting. As a moderator, I can access our moderator-only view of the account, and I can access their developer story, but not the public areas nor their settings page!
    – Martijn Pieters Mod
    Jan 2, 2019 at 20:08

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A user without an account is an error condition - all users, even unregistered users, are supposed to have accounts even if that account is merely a stub awaiting registration.

However... Mistakes happen. Sometimes adding a new credential fails, or merges go horribly wrong, or simply creating the account itself falls apart - leaving a user orphaned. When this happens, it usually requires contacting support to resolve it - either the user will need to be merged, deleted and recreated, or a dev will have to manually connect up the account.

This should not result in an exception however - in fact, it's kinda hard to fix if viewing the profile blows up! A small bit of code made a bad assumption (namely, that accountId would always have a value) and threw an exception as a result; Nick patched up the three relevant occurrences of this error, and now these profiles should be viewable again.

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