I was just reading the list of hats in Winterbash when I noticed this hat:


ask a question that gets no answers within a week of being posted

Then it occurred to me that one of my question falls in the same category.

I had asked this question on main site on Dec 14. It hasn't got any answer yet.

And I haven't got that hat yet. So how come it didn't trigger the hat? It would be good if someone explains me if there is anything else to be taken into account.


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Some hats require the qualifying posts to have a positive score. This is the case for Silencium as well. Your question is (while I'm writing this) still at 0 score (timeline) and does not qualify (yet).

Implicit quality requirements

To prevent people from posting nonsense just to earn a hat, most hats that require creating content, especially questions and answers, have some requirements that may not be mentioned in the hat description. Generally this involves questions/answers having a positive score (i.e. getting at least one upvote)

(mentioned here)


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