There seem to be perennial problems with the reputation widget which appears in the upper left of the Stack Overflow page. Yesterday, I earned +75 points on the question Questionmark in SQL Server, yet even more than 24 hours later, this answer does not appear in my achievements list from yesterday:

enter image description here

What prompted me to post here was that I thought SO might actually be ignoring the rep from my answer. The score for the day is wrong, and it should be +255. In fact, both the answers list and rep graph from my profile page do show this answer, and the correct daily rep score is being reported there:

enter image description here enter image description here

Is there some sort of reporting bug in the achievements drop down which is occasionally causing certain achievements to be ignored?

Side not: I actually did see the upvotes from the answer discussed come into my inbox. But, the answer never appeared, nor did those upvotes "stick" (that is, I saw +10, but nothing beyond this).


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