After reading the blog this morning I came to wonder if the analysis of the data presented also includes accounting for the reputation of OP at the time of posting the question. In other words, are comments on a post of a new user more or less welcoming then comments on a post of any other user.

There would of course be some things that cloud the results to some degree, people responding to other commenters (not being OP) for example. But I feel it might be worth checking if the data has any suggestions either way. Are we more or less likely to post unfriendly comments on a question from a new user.

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    It might be interesting, but does it matter? Rude comments are rude, and visible for all to see, regardless of who they're replying to. – Dukeling Dec 6 at 10:49
  • It looks like stackoverflow becomes something like a old forum. If your topic has non informative title - you got ban. If you didn't look "faq page" - you got ban. etc. I don't want to answer questions. I don't have any motivation after minuses. – Andrey Semenov Dec 6 at 10:49
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    @AndreySemenov your motivation is only your problem. if this game is not for you find another one. But if you feel injustice - it is a different way - then there is strong motivation to discuss concrete situation (at least to understand what is going on, and are there people who think the same as you). – Roman Pokrovskij Dec 6 at 11:45
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    Every time I see those post, I wondering: Am I the only low rep with a positive expériences of SO, even on downvoted post? I don't have the negative feedback allergy. Do we need people ranting about the positive experience they had from their negative score question or answer? – xdtTransform Dec 6 at 12:26
  • @xdtTransform Sometimes there are. ||| Although usually it's not called a rant if you're not "angry and confused" – user202729 Dec 6 at 13:03
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    Since we still don't have access to the data set of comment evaluations, we can only speculate. – E_net4 is kind and welcoming Dec 6 at 14:24
  • Even once they release the dataset in the new year, it's going to be rightfully anonymized; I don't believe we'll have the ability to determine if a comment was posted by a new user or not. – fbueckert Dec 6 at 15:13
  • @fbueckert Its not so much the reputation of the user who posted the comment, but the reputation of OP (at time of posting) that I'm interested in. – Luuklag Dec 6 at 15:54
  • It'll be interesting to see if that data is attached to the dataset. – fbueckert Dec 6 at 15:58

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