There's a question, where the OP asks "I'd like to start the test suite and immediately stop if a test fails" (quoting to make clear what's the expected result).

This is something that can be answered by a related (can't say same, because they differ in title, description, etc) and older question looking for its answers.

In the newest question you see the user A (@Ari) answering. Then, in the oldest, an answer pointing to the A's previous answer, also by the user A, and down there, the user B (@r31n4ard) answer. Which is almost the same in both questions, and clearly you can see he did the same as the previous user.

As you can see, none of them has an accepted answer, so, maybe that pointed confused the users, where they could mark the answer as duplicated, or just point in comments the other answers.

What would be a working solution (in case it's a problem)? To mark as duplicate the last question?, the one with more views?, remove the questions?

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