I always see the box as I mentioned in the title, I want to know why it's useful?, see the following image:

Image of mine

My questions:

  • why is that needed?

  • since there is a "+" sign there, asking what happens if you lose reputation after the latest view of SO, will the box say "-" instead, will the box turn red?

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    Much more important question: Why is your red circle ain't drawn freehand - don't you have a soul? ;) – iLuvLogix Nov 30 at 9:49
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    @iLuvLogix Lol, i use Paint, and made a box, and make a text by typing :-), :D – U9-Forward Nov 30 at 9:50
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    it is the reputation gain since the last time you clicked the reputation tab in your profile. It is useful as SO thrives on the gammification of sharing knowledge. Seeing no green box with +42 should trigger users to contribute so they gain more rep and with that privileges. The box will not turn red when you got negative gain. It is all about positive reinforcement. – rene Nov 30 at 9:51
  • @rene Thanks, now i know :-) – U9-Forward Nov 30 at 9:52
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    @iLuvLogix the most important question is why isn't it a proper red! – Script47 Nov 30 at 9:52
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    Damn MS-Paint is sucking the life-force out of every red line it can find - boxes, circles and even lines nowadays ;) – iLuvLogix Nov 30 at 9:53
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    @Script47 : Just noticed that - how dare you not to use #FF0000 !!!! ;) – iLuvLogix Nov 30 at 9:54
  • @iLuvLogix Well, got it :D, i only can use that because i do not have Photoshop or something... – U9-Forward Nov 30 at 9:54
  • @Script47 Actually, i randomly did a color – U9-Forward Nov 30 at 9:55
  • gimp it like a pro ;) – iLuvLogix Nov 30 at 9:57
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    @rene You could write an answer with that well explained comment ;) – iLuvLogix Nov 30 at 9:59
  • Thou your profile pic of a free-hand snail proofs that your soul is not completety lost to geometric highlighting ;) – iLuvLogix Nov 30 at 10:00
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    @iLuvLogix I let gnat find a duplicate .. – rene Nov 30 at 10:05

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