Recently I've been seeing this annoying popup on Stack Overflow, including on the Top Questions page.

I hovered over some links to try to find a likely suspect; one I found was:


I had assumed that the above, admittedly laconic, description would be enough for anyone doing web development to understand, but the 5 downvotes suggest otherwise. No downvoter has indicated the reason for their downvote, but I assume they're looking for a proper bug report, so here goes:

Repro procedure:

Expected result:

Actual result:

  • Sometimes (not always), the IE mixed content warning message "only secure content is displayed" appears, implying that the page contains mixed https and http content.

  • This warning message is sporadic, but appears to happen on any page including the main "Top Questions" page.

  • On a few occasions when it happened I took the trouble to do a cursory search for http links. On one occasion I noticed that there was a button that linked to (user id redacted).

  • I felt that an example of a problematic link would be useful, so took the trouble to report it as a bug.

  • I've never seen such a warning on my main browser (Chrome), but believe that Chrome silently disables insecure links.


Here's the promised screenshot, though the downvotes suggest nobody's really interested. Took a while to get it because it doesn't always happen and the message disappears after a few seconds, often before I've had a chance to open Snipping Tool.

IE 11 browser message stating only secure content is displayed includes a link to more information and a button to show all content.


10 downvotes and counting ... I've obviously got something wrong here that's so obvious to a lot of people that no comment is needed to explain it.

  • Is this the right way to report bugs? The description on the bug tag suggests it is.

  • Is the bug report so badly written as to be unusable? It's not perfect but I'd have thought it was adequate.

  • Is it a bug? If not I'd expect an answer explaining why it's not a bug rather than just downvotes.

The failure to explain what's wrong makes me start to understand why some people refer to StackOverflow as being unfriendly.


I guess this will probably just attract more downvotes, but IMHO mixed content degrades the security and user experience of your HTTPS site and therefore this is a bug, however minor. So I'll post another screenshot, in which all the links in the "22 People Chatting" section are insecure http links.

Screenshot of insecure links

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    What browser/OS are you using? – a stone arachnid Nov 30 at 2:26
  • On the machine in question, IE11. Obsolete I know, and I think other browsers probably just block http silently on a mixed page, but it's still a bug. – Joe Nov 30 at 7:29
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    Can you provide a screenshot? – Yvette Colomb Nov 30 at 7:52
  • I'll provide a screenshot in due course when I get back to the machine that has IE11. – Joe Nov 30 at 7:57
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    I haven't voted on this but meta often votes down questions that contain complaints about down votes. Also, the assumption that everyone seeing this is a web developer is odd. – BSMP Dec 1 at 20:39
  • @BSMP, the "complaint" about downvotes post-dates the downvotes. And it wasn't so much a complaint, as an attempt to understand what was wrong with my post. Also, I would assume that a bug report on a web site would be primarily directed at a web developer. – Joe Dec 1 at 21:28
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    "Oh, downvotes, assuredly people are simply less proficient than I am and do not understand" yeah that'll garner you upvotes... – Félix Gagnon-Grenier Dec 9 at 21:36

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