I am brand new to this website. I posted my first question earlier today.

I need a solution to eliminate public strings in classes

This was a code question written in C#, so I tagged it C#. Then someone asked me to delete it. Then I asked a question about asking the question, and someone flagged it again and told me to ask it over here on meta instead. Is this the correct place to post this question?

So if in the future, I have a question about C#, am I not supposed to tag it C#. Please help. I'm very confused.

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    You're a bit all over the place, please try to stick to one question in this post. Asking multiple ones in one place doesn't really fit our Q&A model :). Is meta the right place to ask for stuff about a question? Yes. I see no mentions of tags at all on that question though, or people asking to delete, so I am not sure what the rest of your Q here is talking about :/ – Patrice Nov 29 '18 at 0:22
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    Perhaps you misread the comment "the question is about C#, can you modify your answer to fit please?" on one of the answers? I can't find anyone asking you to re-tag or delete your question. On your follow-up question, someone did ask you to delete it, but that was because they were redirecting you here to meta instead. – Rob Nov 29 '18 at 1:59

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