The live formatting preview shows quoted code blocks with language hints incorrectly, but when they are posted they appear correct. Example:

int c; # this code block is set to language "C"
int c; # so is this one!

But here's what the preview shows:

live preview

  • I very recently posted an answer with a language hint inside the quote but didn't pay attention to whether the live preview worked as I knew it worked in the final rendering. – BoltClock Nov 24 at 16:05
  • ... I just went to make an edit to my answer and now the live preview works even though I haven't touched that language hint? – BoltClock Nov 24 at 16:10
  • @BoltClock I added a picture of what I see and it's consistent (new posts, edits, meta and main SO). I'm using Chrome, if it matters. – Dave Nov 24 at 16:11

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