Is there a way to get the user_id of either a global SE account (as is present in the network profile URL) or the account user_id associated with a local community with only a username?

It seems from this post that it is only possible to retrieve the user_id associated with a username by either knowing the user_id ahead of time (and then using it in the URL path) or by stumbling onto the user's profile and parsing the URL to retrieve the user_id.

I suppose I could retrieve the user_id for every user from the API and then search a specific username within that list to retrieve its associated user_id but that seems inefficient.

Is there a painless way of getting the user_id associated with a username? I'd like to do this programmatically.

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    Usernames are not unique and can change over time. Nov 7, 2018 at 23:10
  • I see, thank you. So it seems if I was looking for something truly unique it would be the global SE account ID or a local community ID
    – jonroethke
    Nov 7, 2018 at 23:14
  • If you're willing to wade through multiple results, you could probably pull this out of SEDE pretty easily. But I'm not sure that actually solves your problem.
    – Kevin
    Nov 8, 2018 at 2:42

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As stated in the comments, usernames are not unique and can be changed for a given user ID.

Nevertheless, you can get a list of current name matches from the API using the /users route.

For example:

Currently yields (return fields filtered):

  "badge_counts": {"bronze": 15, "silver": 3, "gold": 0},
  "up_vote_count": 20,
  "answer_count": 3,
  "question_count": 15,
  "account_id": 3405853,
  "last_access_date": 1435873888,
  "reputation": 252,
  "user_id": 2856913,
  "display_name": "mobetta"
}, {
  "badge_counts": {"bronze": 11, "silver": 0, "gold": 0},
  "up_vote_count": 116,
  "answer_count": 8,
  "question_count": 0,
  "account_id": 9788211,
  "last_access_date": 1541648185,
  "reputation": 173,
  "user_id": 7253829,
  "display_name": "waymobetta"
}, {
  "badge_counts": {"bronze": 4, "silver": 0, "gold": 0},
  "up_vote_count": 3,
  "answer_count": 3,
  "question_count": 1,
  "account_id": 5611762,
  "last_access_date": 1539430768,
  "reputation": 43,
  "user_id": 4444243,
  "display_name": "Mobetoh"
}, {
  "badge_counts": {"bronze": 1, "silver": 0, "gold": 0},
  "up_vote_count": 0,
  "answer_count": 0,
  "question_count": 0,
  "account_id": 6361484,
  "last_access_date": 1437150901,
  "reputation": 1,
  "user_id": 4936855,
  "display_name": "Mobeth"

Note that user_id is their ID on Stack Overflow.
account_id is their ID Stack Exchange wide.

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    nice, this is definitely along the lines of what I was looking for. I'll just have to hope that there aren't duplicates of the name I search
    – jonroethke
    Nov 8, 2018 at 4:25

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