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I want to ask a question about HTML but every time I try this Stack Overflow site 'interprets' the HTML! So if I want to ask about the <"P"> paragraph tab I have to put each bracket in quotation marks! Surely I don't have to do that for every bracket in my piece of HTML code, just to ask a question here on Stack Overflow?

I know there must be a simple answer since you guys all seem able easily to format your questions and answers about code.

Where is the simple option I click to toggle whether to insert HTML as just text or whether to have the Stack Overflow site 'run' the HTML (which I don't actually want it to do).

It's such a simple little thing, where is it?

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Code formatting will allow you to use code, but you do still need to either wrap it with the backtick '`', or indent it 4 spaces if the entire line is code. The shortcut for indenting is CTRL + K (windows)

Sample code in a regular sentence. Your html: <p>

var x = "this whole line is code";

There is also an FAQ here

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