I had a Stack Overflow account linked to my Google account so I could join Stack Overflow for Teams.

Yesterday I tried to access Stack Overflow for Teams again and was denied access. Stack Overflow for Teams needed my email address to confirm I have an email address that matches the domain name rule. I entered my email address. The response was that the email address was already in use.

I checked with the administrator for my team. It turns out I am still a member.

I then proceeded to delete my Stack Overflow account hoping that creating a new SO account would help. I waited 24 hours and then created a new account using the same Google account.

Then I tried accessing Stack Overflow for Teams again. The exact same problem occurred.

Anyone know what is going on?

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    Hi Mo'in! Sorry about your issue. Can you please submit this to teams-support@stackoverflow.com? That'll help us get this properly escalated to the right people on the dev team. We'll get you sorted out. – Chance Heath Oct 26 '18 at 1:03

What worked was to deactivate the membership on SO for Teams and send a new invite. The invite is what does the trick.

  • In this case, I think I did not have to delete my SO account. I am still waiting for a response from support on this.

  • As to the real cause, I can only guess but I think my SO account was 'reset' in some way to an earlier point in time (maybe a database was restored) causing the membership information in my account to be 'lost'.

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  • Any chance you had multiple accounts that got merged? – Andras Deak Oct 27 '18 at 23:26
  • Hi new user. The help desk are incredibly fast - when you have a problem like this, just drop them an email and it will be fixed ASAP, I have found. – Fattie Oct 28 '18 at 6:26
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    @AndrasDeak Unlikely. But that's one reason why I dropped the account entirely. – Mo'in Creemers Nov 5 '18 at 16:22

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