The other day I noticed there was no info for the tag and figured I could quickly edit the info, so I went ahead and did so. I ignorantly assumed that the tag was only used for the R programming language in reference to shiny. While ~60-70% of the use regarding this tag is for the purpose mentioned above, it also is used for other purposes (e.g. Java). I am sure this problem must have arisen at some other point so would someone please point me in the correct direction? I am not sure whether to put in a request to delete the edit, or change the tag to be more general? If there are any examples of tags that serve multiple definitions I would appreciate you linking them in order to see how one goes about this.

The tag in question.

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    It is a programming concept, most users use the tag that matches the library name. Like [shiny] in the case of [r]. Sure, [java] doesn't seem blessed with a popular library name. The primary tag disambiguates it. You could propose it as a synonym for [reactive-programming]. Oct 25, 2018 at 23:38


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