I have a record

As per the tag info page, it's purpose is to label questions referring to the noun-use of 'Record':

A record in programming is a data type with labels to access fields of the record.

I am recording

However, a number of questions are using this tag where the question involves the action of recording. Over 300 questions currently use the tags [record] and [audio] or [record] and [video]; out of those, I haven't found one concerned with the data structure meaning.

What to do?

We could either:

  1. Let it go. (I can earn 2 reputations for each question I re-tag from to, for example, or . I've done several to date, but it's getting a bit boring.)
  2. Extend the meaning of the tag to include the verb meaning.
  3. Rename the tag:
    1. There is already a synonym , so we could just rename it to that, which implies more the noun use.
    2. Rename it to . Credit to Wikipedia, as this is one way it distinguishes the senses for Record.
    3. Rename it to something else that resolves the confusion with 'recording'.
  4. Remove the Record tag.
  5. Something else I haven't thought of?


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