I have been looking at the Redmonk programming language rankings at the Redmonk website. Redmonk says they use the number of questions asked on each programming language on Stack Overflow. Is there a way to view these statistics?


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I suppose that they use the Stack Exchange Data Explorer, when you can run SQL queries against a copy of StackOverflow database (or any of the sites of the Stack Exchange network). Yes, they provide full access to the data (excluding personal user information) and also offer a web interface to run queries without having to download all that GB (although you can download it if you want). Very cool in my opinion.

Searching for 'language' I found this query:

Language trends (# of Question Views per Month)

Since that query doesn't include every language tag use the fork query link to create a new query based on it and edit this part of the SQL code to include/exclude the language tags:

Tags.TagName IN (
    'php', 'python', 'c#', 'c++', 'ruby', 'c', 'objective-c', 'go', 'swift', 'r', 'rust', 'clojure', 'scheme'

Also you can use this query to get the full tag list:

Get all tags

  • From the article linked by OP: "For Stack Overflow, we simply collect the required metrics using their useful data explorer tool."
    – molnarm
    Oct 16, 2018 at 13:35

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