Assuming we have a user on the platform who posts a bad question which gets closed and deleted within 15 minutes. The user comes back 20 minutes later. What does he see / get?

  • Does he still see the question?
  • Did he get a notification?
  • Can he still read the close reason + comments + potential answers?

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Users can see their recently deleted questions by visiting their profile, go to the "Questions" tab, and clicking on the "deleted recent questions" link.

They can see non-deleted comments under their question, but not sure what happens with answers. Users who own answers on deleted questions can see the deleted question and their deleted answer, but I believe not other answers on that question.

Users do not get a notification when their questions are deleted, and there are no plans to implement that feature. They may get a notification if the deletion caused a rep change, but the rep change notification wont include a link to the now deleted question.

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    Afaik only rep gains generate notifications. So only deletions which lead to rep gains (downvoted posts) or deletions followed by a rep gain caused by something else will notify the user something's happened.
    – Erik A
    Commented Oct 11, 2018 at 12:43

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