Due to my curiosity, I've read the help center article on community user deletion very carefully trying to figure out exactly which automatic process roomba'd this post.

This is the question that I am curious to know about why it was automatically deleted (145 days after it was posted):

Is there a rule I missed that qualified it for roomba? I'm not asking it to be undeleted because I know the question isn't very high quality, I just want to know what caused it to be deleted in the first place.

If it were deleted deliberately by users or a mod, it wouldn't have the Community user's name on it, right?


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It was deleted because its author was deleted, and it scored less than 0 at the time of its author's deletion. Prior to this past July, all posts scoring less than 0 would be summarily deleted if their author's account was removed for any reason; since then, we've tightened up the restrictions to only delete such questions if they're closed or have no answers scoring > 0.

I've edited the question to give it a descriptive title and undeleted it.

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