I've seen other questions like this:

But they seem to be somewhat old and I'm not sure if my issue is related. I subscribe to a couple of different tags (autofac being one) and for the last, oh, month or so I thought no questions were being asked with that tag but it turns out I just wasn't getting the emails. Nothing's in my spam folder, it's just... not there.

Has something changed? Should I try re-creating my subscriptions or something?

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    I can confirm this. The emails suddenly stopped being delivered after October 4. – default locale Oct 9 at 5:45
  • Ooo! But I do get notified if someone comments on my stuff like @default locale just did. So it's not all notifications, just subscriptions to tags. – Travis Illig Oct 9 at 12:10
  • I too have this issue, for a week so I am not getting email notification and I am searching for solution. – Prakash Gautam Oct 10 at 3:49

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