In my opinion and are synonymous and should be joined, or removed.

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In computer graphical user interfaces, drag is the first phase of a drag-and-drop operation. This involves selecting a virtual object by "grabbing" it and dragging it with the mouse down to a different location or onto another virtual object. An instance of some object relating to what was grabbed is usually brought with the drag operation.

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    Are these even necessary?
    – Braiam
    Sep 25, 2018 at 14:25
  • 8
    Couldn't they both be removed in favor of "drag-and-drop"? stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/drag-and-drop
    – Matsemann
    Sep 25, 2018 at 14:28
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    @Matsemann They're not actually the same thing. Drag AND Drop isn't the same thing. Maybe I'm dragging a window. There's no drop there.
    – Machavity Mod
    Sep 25, 2018 at 14:50
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    Drag is especially relevant on touch devices (compared to drag-and-drop which is quite common in desktop)
    – aarjithn
    Sep 25, 2018 at 15:19
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    Then the tag wiki should reflect the difference, as it is now it literally says it's the first part of a dragndrop operation.
    – Matsemann
    Sep 26, 2018 at 6:31
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    The OP knows what the question is about. Also, often in IT jargon 'drag' is referred to define the action. Hence, dropping or joining 'dragging' with 'drag' makes sense. Sep 27, 2018 at 12:11


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